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Fans and filters to boost your indoor lawn

Maintaining a healthy air quality in greenhouses and indoor lawns can be tricky. But with our help, you can easily take care of this concern. Improve your greenhouse and indoor lawn's air quality by getting the right set of fans and filters from Plant Productions. In addition, you'll also benefit from our manufacturer's warranties. Call us for more information.

Efficient gardening tools

  • 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-inch inline fans

  • Wall mount, floor, clip, inline, booster

  • Duct silencers

  • Carbon filters

  • Intake filters

Consult with us if you're confused about choosing the correct equipment for your indoor gardening. It's FREE!

Searching for Phresh and Phat brand filters?

Find them at our store. The highly effective Phresh and Phat brand filters will help in purifying unwanted dust, organic compounds, foreign particles, and odors present in your indoor

gardening space.


We stock top-rate CML lights, ballasts, assorted organic soils, and so much more to help you improve the quality of your indoor gardens and plants.

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